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Alice Sun


Pre-MBA, Alice led growth marketing at high growth startups, managing 7 figure budgets across paid social, SEM, SEO, retention marketing, and more. On the side she grew her own content business, amassing 300K followers across Instagram and TikTok, then starting a small agency to do the same for other brands. During the summer, she pivoted to the gaming industry and worked in product management on the Call of Duty Live Services team. She'll be returning next year to Activision to continue her career in the gaming industry.

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Daniella Levitan


Daniella is almost an official New Yorker, having been in the city for almost 10 years. She loves marketing because it’s at the intersection of analytics and creativity--it's all about understanding people and creating a story that addressed their motivations, needs, and behaviors. Before CBS, she worked as a strategist at a digital agency in the meatpacking district of NYC. In her free time, she loves baking fancy cakes and cookies for friends and family... and maybe for MAC members.

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Lauren Newfield

VP, Membership & Social

Before CBS Lauren worked at a pharmaceutical advertising agency, leading an oncology account. After Columbia she hopes to work in pharmaceutical marketing. She likes cooking and playing with her dog, Sunday.

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Lalita Salgoakar

VP, Career and Education

Lalita is an advertising creative with 11 years of experience. An EMBA, she has worked at both ad agencies and in-house marketing departments. She has taught Copywriting at Miami Ad School, won advertising awards and led ad creative teams. Lalita is excited to bring her learnings and experience to the MAC board.

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Nika Sheynberg

VP, Marketing

Nika is a full-time MBA student who has been in New York for the last 9 years. After focusing on behavioral economics in undergrad because of the human psychological component of decision making, she turned that into a job doing digital marketing in-house at a financial services company. After CBS, Nika will be starting a career in consulting, but hopes to still focus on marketing as she does so.

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Shirley Ye

VP, Conference & Finance



Ally Hay

VP, Conference & Finance


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